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Baby Race and Toddler Race

Childrenare our future, our present, they are everything for us. Family emerges with the appearance of a child, when true family life begins.

Nannies, grandmothers, television, the streets – there are so many “useful” things in adult's busy world replacing the most significant – the sense of a family as a unity, as a fortress, where you will always be protected and loved and waited for.

Hard work, busy schedules, lack of power – and as a result, adults do not have time to read a book together, tell a fairy-tale or simply give themselves the joy of communicating with their children to feel the full power of warmth which emanates from  home hearth. But such moments remain in memory stronger than anything else,they give new strengths and revive feelings.

“Baby Race” is a vivid public event for kids under the age of 1 year, and their loving parents and friends. The victory, fanfares, ovations are not so important compared with true care and love which illuminates the hearts of the family with children. Baby Race is an opportunity to show everyone that you are a happy family not sparing moral forces for a pure, sunny and warm world.

Since 2011 we offer another exciting entertainment for older children (1-3 years) – Toddler Race.

We invite you to Baby Race and Toddler Race every year on the eve of the International Children's Day celebrated on June 1!!!

For information, please, call: +375-17-259 4883, +375 17 257 1212 or e-mail us: office@ponimanie.org

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