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The Project “Partnership of state and civil society of Belarus for the development of the child protection system” implemented by the British Council in partnership with the International Non-Governmental Organization “Ponimanie” with the support of the European Committee.


In 2009-2011, INGO “Ponimanie” as co-executor of the project “The fight against human trafficking: Republic of Belarus” by Ministry of Internal Affairs and The International Organization for Migration, implemented the initiatives “Multidisciplinary approach to the prevention of minors trafficking” and “Introduction on minors trafficking into the system of professional retraining”. The main idea of ​​the initiatives was to provide the professionals from state agencies and professors of the post-graduate level with the medico-psychological and socio- pedagogical techniques to help child victims of trafficking. The representatives of INGO “Ponimanie” possess such skills, who in 2006-2007 undertook a training course “Comprehensive support for children - victims of human trafficking”, organized by the Children's Department of the Council of Baltic Sea States (Stockholm. Sweden), and who later trained themselves a series of multidisciplinary teams to combat child trafficking, and released the first part of the guide on this subject. This initiative is aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the proposed innovation through the introduction of our current developments in training courses, and through printing and distribution of the second part of the guide “Miltidisciplinary approach to combating minors trafficking”.


Cooperation with ISPCAN

INGO “Ponimanie” being a national partner actively participates in the work of International Society for the Prevention of Child abuse and neglect (ISPCAN).

Reference: ISPCAN was established in 1977 as a global community of professionals working to prevent all forms of violence and maltreatment of children, including their placement in residential institutions.

In ISPCAN there are more than 3,000 professionals from 170 countries. Since 2005 Belarus has been one of the largest and most effective offices of the organization, the largest number of members of ISPCAN in Central / Eastern Europe / CIS lives and works in Belarus.

ISPCAN is the world's top professional league in the sphere of child protection, partner and expert of the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF), World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), is a key member of the UN Secretary General's Study on cruelty to children (years 2005 – 2006).

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