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The campsite Milashki

The campsite of solidarity in the village Milashki, Braslavskiy rayon.

Each year up to 70 adolescents and young people gather in the village Milashki in the area of Braslav lakes. The campsite is open for children that come from different social groups: inmates of children’s homes, children that live in countryside communities based on children’s homes and also children that come from Minsk.

The main aim of such campsite is to improve adolescents’ physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social state through their involving in socially useful activities.

The integration camp “Trust begets responsibility” is an authorial format of psychological and educational work with children in summer. It was proposed by N.A. Ivanuk, A.M. Mahanko and I.P. Petuhov in 2000.

“At first the aim of the campsite was to drive children that can’t go to any other camps, children whose families are in the social risk group out of town, then mix them with children that live in happy families and then improve their models of relationships, behavior and their system of values through psychologists’ work. Some time later we began to add other children – first of all, children from social risk groups, to the groups that had already been formed and had stable positive tendency. In 2003 the campsite was represented by 10 stable adolescent groups and all of them had positive dynamics in their development. Since 2006 we have changed the format of the campsite to the campsite of solidarity among children that come from different social groups, children that live both in villages and towns, families that have different income, social status, hobbies and so on. Frankly speaking, it was just a statement of fact, formulating all that we have done for all these years in several statements as our camps have always been the camps of solidarity” – says A.M. Mahanko.

All the participants of the campsite from founders to the youngest children have their duties in organizing the life of the campsite. The salary of the staff is a half of the optimal level of salary as the second half is donation of the team members. Since there had been no regulating documents for organizing such camps until 2006, from 2000 to 2005 the campsite had the status of the walking tour which youth under the age 18 take part in. Although a lot of different sponsors supported the campsite financially in this or that time (UNICEF, CAP, World Bank SDF, Belarusian entrepreneurs), the campsite has always had a constant partner – Logistics of the internal military forces of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

We invite children aged 12-14 years to visit our campsite and young people over 16 to participate in organizing its life as volunteers.

One can sign up for the participation in the campsite by phone +375 17 259 4883, +375 17 257 1212 or e-mail office@ponimanie.org.

More detailed information about the campsite you can find on the social nets:

vKontakte – http://vkontakte.ru/club15581904

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