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Trainings for specialists

International Non-Governmental Organization "Ponimanie" offers the following topics for educational trainings for professionals:

1. Training for multidisciplinary teams:

- “Introduction in Child Abuse and Neglect” (only for students);

- “Forming Multidisciplinary Team, Parts 1, 2, 3”;

- “Case Study Method in practice of Multidisciplinary Team working with the case of Child Abuse”;

- “Data Collection for the Multidisciplinary Team working with Child Abuse case”;

- “Evidences of Child Abuse”;

- “Rehabilitation for sexually abused children”.

2. Training for Child helpline personnel:

- “General procedure of Child Helpline”;

- “Psychological Emergency Consulting by Phone”;

- “Prevention of Burning-out for Consultant of the Line”.

3. Training for Psychologists:

- “Forensic Interview”;

- “Clinical Interview”;

- “Rehabilitation of victims of abuse”;

- “TFCBT for abused children and their parents”.

4. Training for Physicians/ Nurses:

- “Medical Exam for abused children”;

- “Treatment Models for abused children”.

5. Training for Investigators:

- “Forensic Interview” (in the same group with psychologists);

- “The best practices of Investigation of Child Sexual Abuse”.

6. Training for Law Enforcement/Militia:

- “Evidence of Child Abuse”;

- “Protocol for the first immediate contact with child-victim of sexual abuse and other hard/hardest crime”.

7. Training for Social Pedagogues:

- “Signs of Child Abuse and Neglect”;  

- “Reporting of cases of Child Abuse and Neglect”.

8. Trainings for Teachers:

- “Evidence of Child Abuse and Reporting/Protection Measures”;

- “Engagement of Parents in Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect”.

9. Training for Journalists:

- “Ethics in highlighting of cases of Child Abuse”

10. Training for Prosecutors:

- “Prosecution of Child Abuse. Parts 1, 2, 3”.

11. Training for Judges:

- “Trials with participation of children-victims and witnesses of hard and hardest crime including sexual crime”.

12. Training for State Forensic Service:

- “Suicide among teenagers-survivors of Child Abuse”;

- “Psychological and Psychiatry Forensic Expertise of Child Abuse cases”.

13. Curriculum and Lectures for Students of Different Disciplines:

Curriculum/Lection + Workshop for Students of Psychology – 4

Curriculum/Lection + Workshop for Students of Medicine – 4

Curriculum/Lection + Workshop for Students of Law/Investigation - 1

Curriculum/Lection + Workshop for Students of Law Enforcement/Militia - 2

Curriculum/Lection + Workshop for Students of Social Pedagogics - 1

Curriculum/Lection + Workshop for Students of Law/Prosecution – 1

Webinars for all mentioned categories of professionals and students are under development.

To request a training and discuss the terms of it, please, e-mail us onoffice@ponimanie.org or call +375-17-257 1212

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