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Partners and Sponsors

Our Partners and Sponsors

World Childhood Foundation - www.childhood.se

US Department of State - www.state.gov

European Commission - http://ec.europa.eu

British Council - www.britishcouncil.org/ukraine

Save the Children Sweden - www.rb.se

World Bank Civil Society Development Fund - www.worldbank.org

US EUCOM - www.eucom.mil

USAID - www.usaid.gov

Council of Baltic Sea States - www.childcentre.info

ISPCAN - www.ispcan.org

UNICEF - www.unicef.org

IOM - www.iom.by

Belarusian Association of Social workers - www.basw-ngo-by.net

Nizhny Novgorod Resource Center “Childhood without Violence” - www.nrcnn.ru/

Vaiko Namas - www.children.lt

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