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About Ponimanie

Our history

INGO “Ponimanie” was established in 2000 as the result of the work of the organizational group and the group of young psychologists − graduates of the Faculty of Psychology of the Academy of Postgraduate Study. By 2002 INGO “Ponimanie” has gained an international status as the branches in Ukraine and Lithuania were opened.

Today the staff of the organization consists of 5 board members, 10 workers and more than 140 volunteers. INGO “Ponimanie” also includes a number of international experts and consultants in the fields of response to child abuse and neglect, child trafficking and providing care to children, as well as in the sphere of deinstitutionalization and support of the inmates of the boarding schools and asylums, and solving the problem of orphanage.

The organization aims at promoting maternity, childhood and paternity protection; preventing child abuse and neglect; participating in projects and programs that develop psychological basis for theoretical and practical actions in the sphere. All these objectives are perfectly summarized in the mission of INGO “Ponimanie”/”Understanding”, which also serves as the motto for all the staff: “Professional and voluntary participation in the establishment of the humane world, suitable for all children to happily live in”.


The most important target groups of INGO “Ponimanie”/” Understanding” are children and their families, professionals in the sphere of children’s rights, child protection, orphanage, response to child abuse. Our organization provides the following activities and services:

  • tackling social orphanage;
  • preventing child abuse and neglect;
  • creating a friendly social environment for children.

INGO “Ponimanie” activity is divided into five programs that have large areas of mutual intersection:

  • Programme of formulating methods, strategies and policies aimed at protecting rights of the child and prevention of child abuse.
  • Programme of direct assistance to abused children and to children who have witnessed violence.
  • Programme of creating a friendly social environment for children including measures seek to change public awareness and inform society.
  • Programme of supporting child victims and their families to protect their rights (Advocacy).
  • Programme of supporting local NGOs working in the interest of the policy of INGO "Ponimanie" at the provincial, city (in regions), regional and local level.

Activities and services provided by INGO “Ponimanie” are: summer camps, training seminars and workshops, consulting and assessment of interdisciplinary teams, expert participation, evaluation and consultation in international projects, development of many methods for guarding and protection of children, many of which are used for the first time in the country or in the world.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Professional and voluntary participation in the establishment of the humane world, suitable for all children to happily live in, especially for those who stay in difficult situatuins.

Our Vision

Ponimanie's Vision is a humane world for children based on the values of Understanding, Family, Trust and Responsibility.


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About Us

"I think the organization's activities are very effective and necessary. Now I use their technologies and methods in my work, and I see a vivid result. "

Elena V., psychologist from Socio-Educational Center

"A wonderful camp, cool atmosphere.We liked everything. Friendly team - now we have an idea to come next year as volunteers. Thank you so much! "

Alex and Sasha, campers of the Campsite “Milashki”

“Now I’m conscious of my destination in life. I see that everybody of us can help others”

Christina P., the volunteer of INGO “Ponimanie”

"I was helped to understand my child, and our family life is getting better"

SergeyS., parent

"I feel relevant and enjoy what I do"

ValeriyaK., the member of INGO “Ponimanie”

Our Awards

INGO “Ponimanie” is the winner of a national Fair of Social Projects, 2005, 2006 and 2007, has a number of rewards at local, national and international level. Among them the inclusion of the compilation of best practices of USAID and The World Bank.

INGO “Ponimanie” mentioned certificates, letters of greetings, grants and scholarships of the Chairman of UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, UN Special Representative of the Secretory-General on Violence Against Children,  UNICEF, USAID, World Bank Civil Society Development Fund, IOM, Swiss Department of Development and Cooperation, САР, Save the Children Sweden,  ISPCAN, CBSS, BASPCAN, GESPCAN, Mujeres Contra la Violencia, ACA, Nobodies Children Foundation, VaikoNamas, the Belarusian Orthodox Church, the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus. In 2006 INGO “Ponimanie” became ISPCAN National Partner in Belarus. INGO “Ponimanie” is also mentioned by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus (p. 49) - http://minjust.by/nfiles/kniga.pdf

We look to the future

INGO “Ponimanie” is one of the leading forces of the Belarusian civil society. We create forward-looking policies, strategies and programs to improve both the provision of targeted assistance to child victims, and enhance the impact of public sector in the country. We are confident about the future and see INGO “Ponimanie” as a powerful non-governmental organization at the regional level in Central/Eastern Europe/CIS, providing significant influence on the formation of public policies for children in the region.

General Strategy of INGO "Ponimanie" for 2008-2020.pdf

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